Why Risk Assessment

Assess Your Environment At Your Convenience

Thousands of employees interact with sensitive enterprise data on a daily basis. More than 60% of all cyber security breaches are caused by employees within organizations. However, less than 1% are down to malicious individuals. Understanding potential areas of risk associated with employees and protecting your company’s business assets is paramount.

Raise awareness regarding your organization’s security posture with a FREE Apvera Enterprise Risk Assessment Profile and security posture report.

Following a FREE 2-week risk assessment, you will receive a comprehensive security posture report detailing:

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    High risk devices, Unsanctioned applications, Malicious websites
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    IP Reputation scores, Policy Violations and Compromised Users
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    Rogue devices, behavior trails and threat maps
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    High severity alerts and sample remediation measures
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    Consultancy & Advisory from Apvera’s Security experts
Your Benefits

Solving Your Security Challenges

  • 360° Visibility

    Uncover blind spots in your network and implement safeguards

  • Risk & Compliance

    Gap analysis to comply with regulatory frameworks

  • Prevent Data Loss

    Identify potential data exfiltration and malicious file activities

  • Security posture

    Understand your Organizational, Device & Individual Risk score

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