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Apvera Managed Security Services

Whether you are challenged with meeting IT budget demands, fighting new threat adversaries, or are just looking for more efficiency around your compliance and security initiatives, we understand that all businesses are different. It is why our Managed Security Services are designed for that kind of flexibility.

  • Are you challenged with limited staff and budget resources?

    We help your enterprises to simplify your programs, operationalize your expenses, and keep your teams focused on business priorities

  • Do you have advanced security and compliance demands?

    We meet your need for augmentation in key areas to help you evolve processes, elevate data protection strategies and advance the way you manage threats

  • Looking for expert advises and the latest security technology?

    Through managed security services, you will be provided our deep expertise in advances security technologies & Threat Intelligence built in to our services

Your Benefits

Strengthen your information security defences and lower costs

Threats are growing more hostile. Budgets are tight. Skills are at a premium. And business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications and big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they’re not properly managed.

In this context, Apvera Managed Security Services provide enterprises with an extension of your security operations that closes the loop of people, processes and technology, offering 24×7 security operations center support. We deliver advanced data analytics and security insights via our product named Apvera Insight360. Our security services span complete network coverage, endpoints, vulnerability management, along with our top-notch advice from our highly experienced security experts.

So whether you are looking for security improvement or cost reduction, Apvera Managed Security Services is your ideal choice!

Why choose us

We stand out from the competition so that you can stand out in your market

Cost-saving & Budget-friendly

Cutting cost of hiring in-house, full-time security experts while offering better results across the board in comparison to self-managed systems

Latest Security Tools & Technoloty

Applying the latest technology to manage security solution services & technologies effectively because they are managed and monitored by skilled security professionals

24/7 Monitoring with Detailed Access

Your systems and data are monitored round the clock with any issues reported to organizations through alerting systems with robust escalation levels

Specialist Consultancy & Knowledge

Organizations can benefit by having access to highly trained and motivated security experts with experience of dealing with hundreds or thousands of potentially threatening situations everyday

Earlier Threat Detection & Faster Incident Response

Pinpoint threatening users, devices and risky user transactions caused by Advanced Persistent Threat, provide real-time security intelligence for users and take appropriate action

Risk & Compliance

With your security systems being tracked and protected 24/7 by leading experts in the industry, Apvera Managed Security Services provides you with the confidence in knowing your security solutions are managed in compliance with industry regulations

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