Your Challenges

Release Your Staff and Yourself From Security and Technology Risks

Trying to elevate and improve the efficiency of your IT Department? Managed IT services may be the solution for you. We help you to choose the right IT solutions for your business.

  • The challenge of increasing Threat Landscape & Corporate Risk

    Many companies know they want to improve their IT infrastructure, but aren’t sure where to start. A lack of strategic IT direction can lead to sunk costs on ill-fitting solutions, unnecessary equipment, or an unrealistic timeline and roadmap.

  • Inconsistent Control, Management & Support of IT resources

    Apvera’s Security 1st Managed IT Services benefits from our in-depth expertise in advanced security technologies and remediation techniques, ensuring your organization’s peace of mind.

  • Cloud and mobility stretching the perimeter to its limit

    With Managed IT Services, you will be provided with our deep expertise in advances security technologies & Threat Intelligence built in to our services. Bring up your confidence in your IT infrastructure.

How we can help

Comprehensive and cost-effective Managed IT Services

Modern companies are facing with a trend as the fine line between network and software services is blurred while the security service element becomes the overarching guiding principle. Hence, in our pursuit of excellence for a Security 1st approach to IT service management we dedicate our team to support the strategic business and IT drivers from our customers.

Apvera Managed IT Services combines our in-depth industry knowledge with the essential IT functions required by most organizations. Our highly scalable platform enables you to utilize our high-performing, innovative IT department at a lower cost. We are the next-generation Managed Services provider, ready to guide your organization through its digital transformation.

Never before have so many Technology innovations provided so much potential for our Clients. Apvera Managed IT Services mission is to be your trusted advisor to provide your enterprise with actionable threat intelligence and security solutions.

Our Products

Create a Customized Solution that Meets the Exact Needs of Your Organization

Complete Managed Services with Budget-friendly Cost

From end users to critical infrastructure, trust Apvera Managed IT Services to be your comprehensive IT service provider. We will deliver scalable solutions optimized to fit your specific needs so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

  • Provides expertise you can count on and a commitment to customer-centric service that backs your business 24×7
  • Addresses gaps in your IT staff, providing comprehensive solutions and consultative services based on your individual IT needs
  • Firewall and security appliance management, virtualization services, server and operating system services, backup expertise, and more
Grow your Business with a Scalable Suite of IT Solutions

Whether it’s managing mission-critical infrastructure, providing 24×7 monitoring and alerting, or executing your cloud strategy, Apvera Managed IT Services delivers the flexible and scalable suite of solutions your organization needs to take IT to the next level.

  • Provides crucial defense for your IT systems, with firewall and security appliance management, threat and vulnerability detection, web filtering, and more
  • Solutions to handle troubleshooting, halting and remediating online security vulnerabilities
  • Speed, agility, and responsiveness of the Cloud while maintaining the highest levels of infrastructure control, data security, and accessibility for your business
Complex Compliance and Dynamic Security

Meet complex compliance and dynamic security challenges, leverage flexible IT resources to enhance capabilities, and protect vital data with business continuity solutions, all powered by the Apvera Managed IT Service.

  • From Financial Services to Healthcare and every vertical in-between, Apvera has you covered with compliance expertise and unmatched customer service
  • Apvera delivers an unmatched suite of flexible Cloud solutions that can be custom tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization
  • The threats facing IT infrastructure are ever-increasing, including power loss, floods, fires, storms and other unforeseen events

A Wide Range of IT Solutions for the Challenges acing All Businesses

Cloud Services

With our unique Cloud platform and a host of Private, Hybrid, and Dedicated solutions, no matter your path to the cloud, Apvera Managed IT Service stands ready to get you there

Cyber Security

Provide end-to-end protection for your organization’s vital data and reputation with a flexible portfolio of end user protection, infrastructure security & compliance

Network Protection

We monitor your network infrastructure 24×7 to ensure maximum availability for business-critical applications and resources

Disaster Recovery

We provide organizations with complete data backup and recovery services to reduce risk and minimize ongoing storage and management costs

Professional Services

We can help you architect solutions to IT challenges of all sizes while delivering the increased agility & expertise needed to ensure that projects come in on time & on budget

Compliance & Regulatory

From Financial Services to Healthcare, and every vertical in-between, Thrive has you covered with compliance expertise and unmatched customer service

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