Solving cyber security beyond the status quo

Traditional perimeter-based security is not enough
nor are pure-play analytics solutions

A precursor to sound cyber security risk management is having a deep understanding of the overall threat landscape within the organization and the analytical tools to contextually anticipate and interpret risk in adherence to standards and frameworks.


Interpret threats by
analyzing real-time
& entity behavior


Advert risk by contextual
analysis of relevant
events & controls


Prescriptive cadence
adhering to corporate
policy & norms

Convergence of Operational Risk & Cyber Security


The rising number and complexity of cyber-attacks now represent a real threat to all Industry’s profitable existence. Reputational damage and regulatory fines threaten FSIs that cannot prove a coordinated response, communication and back-up plan is in place.


Boards and senior leadership increasingly recognize that the solution lies beyond the pure technology layer, instead of focusing on the broader people and processes of the institution where a divide still exists between governance and the automated data intelligence required to mitigate today’s more sophisticated risk.


Organizations recognize the reliance on a combination of spreadsheets, point solutions, and other tools; are not effective in improving the maturity of IT risk management programs and fail to drive compliance with the evolving regulatory cyber risk management guidelines.