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Employees are ever more empowered, as organizations increasingly rely upon a myriad of interconnected systems. Apvera Insight360TM addresses the growing security and compliance complexities and risks amplified by dissolving boundaries – identifying assets, collecting and analyzing user behavioral security data, discovering and prioritizing threats, recommending remediation and ensuring continuous optimization processes.

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What we do

Accurately identify Insider Threats


Collect data on the actions of an employee, provide a consolidated visual representation of all security-relevant information associated with an entity and observe anomalies


Comprehensive user risk profiles enable the detection of malicious activity, simplifying investigation, and empowering analysts through analytics-driven visibility


Speed up detection of negligent or malicious insider activity, with attribution back to the employee through a clear, context-rich, easy-to-understand profile format


Our security and compliance solution provides a diverse collection of pre-defined policies to meet the needs of your industry and specific areas of risk

Managed IT

Security 1st Approach to IT Service Management

Threats are growing more hostile. Budgets are tight. Skills are at a premium. And business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications and big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they’re not properly managed.

In this context, whether for security improvement or cost reduction, Apvera Managed Security Services is your ideal choice!

Our Services

Technology alone is not enough


Protecting your company data is our key concern. Apvera provides a comprehensive managed security service that will manage the daily protection of your data… The service provides stakeholders with confidence in the security and compliance of your network & data assets.

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    Consultancy & In-depth Knowledge from Specialists
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    Latest Security Tools & Technology
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    24/7 Monitoring with Detailed Access
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    Earlier Threat Detection & Faster Incident Response
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    Cost Saving & Budget-friendly
Our Solution

Security 1st approach to IT service management

Thousands of employees interact with sensitive enterprise data on a daily basis. More than 60% of all cyber security breaches are caused by employees within organizations. Less than 1% of your employees may be malicious insiders, but 100% of your employees have the potential to be compromised insiders.

Apvera Insight360TM understands the potential areas of risk associated with employees, proactively detecting and suppressing threats before they even happen.

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Industry Insights

Apvera Insight360TM for Financial Services

  • Insider Threat

    Protect Financial enterprises from their greatest threats: Insiders. Current or former employees, contractors, or other business partners represent a major security blind spot and dangerous risks.

  • Advanced Threat

    Apvera analytics and activity visibility allow enterprises to focus solely on truly abnormal or suspicious behavior. In many instances, this points to hijacking or other types of malware attacks.

  • Data Loss

    With the right data loss prevention (DLP) strategy, Financial organizations can improve security protection from compromised users, negligent employees and malicious insiders.

  • Shadow IT

    Cloud applications are more popular than ever for their flexibility and better employee productivity. Apvera provides a way to find, understand and secure shadow IT in a cloud environment.

  • Employee Activities

    Most corporations put security infrastructure in place to protect application backend data, but they forget about monitoring data when it’s accessed by someone with a legitimate login.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Apvera’s security and compliance solution provides a diverse collection of pre-defined policies to meet the needs of your industry and specific areas of risk, creating a stable business environment.

Data Insights

The future of data security

3 Million

Average US$ cost of a data breach

1 in 4

Will experience a breach

245 US$

Financial Breach per-record cost

458K US$

Savings per-breach

Have a




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