Assess and Strengthen Your Security Posture

Apvera can help you address your security needs with a portfolio of security, risk and compliance offerings from assessment and design to full implementation and governance. A team of Apvera proven security experts along with the Apvera Insight360 platform will work closely with you to uncover areas of high risk in your organization, identify security gaps and prioritize your security and compliance efforts.

Understand your security posture

Identify any risk which hinders the organization’s goals associated with organizational activities.

Control and manage expectations

Ensure that organizational activities are operated smoothly thus complying with the organization’s laws and regulations.

Administer the regulatory framework

Ensure that organizational activities such as managing IT operations, are aligned to the organization’s business goals.

Product Features

Apvera provides your organization with deep content, rich context, and unmatched usability to help govern your cyber security, risk management and compliance.


Apvera Insight 360 identifies, analyzes, and responds appropriately to cyber security risks that might adversely affect your organization and regulatory compliance.



Our Risk Assessment Profile gives you a real-time overview of potential risks in your environment.


Get a bird’s eye view on how your organization fairs against most relevant industry compliance frameworks.


Apvera Insight360 evaluates the state of compliance, assesses the risks and potential threat exposure of your organization then initiates any corrective actions deemed necessary.


Pinpoint malicious behavior with in-depth continuous vulnerability and user activity based threat intelligence.


See whether the right people are accessing the correct file data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.


Apvera Insight360 ensures that critical information is managed in accordance with corporate guidelines and improvements are carried out systematically and effectively.



Ensure comprehensive visibility across your enterprise and quickly adapt to the changing security landscape.


Cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. We help your organization plan and execute an integrated cyber approach.

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