Enables IT Governance, Security and Compliance

Understanding employee behavior and its context is the key to determining insider threats. In order to detect suspicious behavior, Apvera Insight™ creates a continuously self-learning baseline profile of each user, device, content, and application based on which it derives deviations from the normal. Apvera Insight™ assesses the intensity of threats so that the enterprise can not only review insider threats in real time, but also take immediate automated preventive action.

The Apvera Insight™ Platform supports the entire IT adoption lifecycle, providing unparalleled visibility, usage analytics, and policy enforcement. With Apvera you can empower employees to use access both internal and external resources from any device while seamlessly enforcing your organization’s data security, compliance, and governance policies.

Threat Mitigation Life Cycle

Obtain Comprehensive Context Visibility

Leverage Apvera Insight™ sensor technology to seamlessly monitor huge volumes of data for potential threats. The platform delivers the pervasive visibility and security context needed to accurately baseline network behavior and pinpoint malicious activity. It is highly scalable to monitor and protect even the largest, most dynamic networks.

  • Gain real-time situational awareness of all users, devices and traffic on the network
  • Monitor contextual user activity from users, data and activities to devices and locations
  • Manage risks and guide users towards corporate approved cloud applications
  • In-depth security analytics uncover the unusual behaviors associated with APT

Analyze Behavioral Anomaly Detection

Draw upon sophisticated deep behavior anomaly detection and analytics to identify threats that bypass conventional defenses. Pinpoint threats before they lead to devastating data breaches by providing a 360° view and a full audit trail of user and device activity. Identify inconsistent policies, detect security inconsistencies, and consolidate services.

  • Transform data into actionable security intelligence for detecting the full range of threats
  • Obtain updated security algorithms for advanced protection against today’s top threats
  • Easily drill down into massive amounts of data to pull out the most relevant intelligence
  • Understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of compromised insider threats

Accelerate and Automate Threat Mitigation

Apvera Insight™ translates into quicker, more informed responses to a wide range of security issues. Automated mitigation features through Apvera preventative sensor technology enables organizations to take action by swiftly shutting down potential threats. Enforce security policies to meet security, compliance, and governance requirements.

  • Quickly and effectively respond to threats before, during and after a security incident
  • Enables enterprises to effectively build a continuous response process for security threats
  • Out­-of-the-­box policies identify and prevent high ­risk activities and anomalous behaviors
  • Enforce consistent policies, enforce access control policies and extend DLP policies to the cloud

Options for Complete Coverage

Apvera is architected to accommodate flexible deployment choices and make it easy for you to accomplish your goals. Whether your objective is to find apps and assess risk for users on your corporate network, enforce policies across both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps for users, or discover and secure the sensitive content in your environment, we can help you get there. We offer the broadest range of sensor based deployment options.

Beyond the Perimeter

Allow organizations to monitor, alert, analyze, investigate, respond, share, and detect known and unknown threats regardless of organizational size or skill set, widening the circle of protection on premise and in the cloud.

Frictionless Deployment

Agent and cloud API based approaches lack the ability to measure risk cross larger distributed environments. Non-intrusive plug & learn sensor based technologies allows device agnostic granular policy cross any context.

End to End Policy Control

Policy engine that enables contextual network access control across any device that traverses the environment. Contextual controls are based on multiple variables, including user, time, location, access, and device.

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