Inherent Insider Risks

Financial, healthcare, and governmental institutions are driven by research and development. This means that thousands of employees interact with proprietary enterprise data on a daily basis. The cost associated with losing, misusing, and abusing information makes insider threats one of the most dangerous risk factors facing enterprises. Protecting your company from these threats requires knowing exactly what data your people can access, how it’s used, and how it moves around the corporate environment.

Emerging Cyber Security Challenges

BYOD Up Trends

Risks are present when enterprise users access enterprise data from an individual or multiple unsecure devices including mobiles, laptops, desktops and tablets. Unmanaged devices enable direct connection to your enterprise applications anywhere, anytime without proper controls.

IT Governance Short Comings

Today’s complex, corporate IT environment requires governance to meet an organization’s risk tolerance and compliance needs. Most applications, although they have security controls, do not offer granular controls to meet corporate policies and compliance mandates.

Data Loss & Compliance

Most IT enterprise environments are unsecure; the security levels are insufficient and privacy practices and compliance policies are inadequate. Without adding a diverse collection of 3rd party tools, data and privacy can be compromised prompting increased risk data exfiltration.

Fraudulent Abusive Activites

Fraudulent activity and abuse of enterprise IT infrastructure functionality can be performed by employees with approved access to the organization’s data and applications. Trusted individuals may potentially abuse their privileges to perform malicious transactions.

Exploits & Vulnerabilities

Advanced Persistent Threat on enterprise infrastructure has become popular and harder to counteract. Attackers use malware and Trojans to perform destructive transactions impersonating employee activities. These attacks enable the gathering of sensitive corporate information.

Compromised Infrastructure

Web and infrastructure attacks on enterprise IT resources can originate from anywhere around the globe, as the cloud an enterprise environments are vulnerable to any attacks from on premise services or system to actions generated from users from within with malicious intent.