Insights: In Data Loss

Insights: in Data Loss

It's been a year since the biggest data leak in history but what lessons can be taken from it? Are you doing enough to make sure your business won't be the next victim of cyber crime? We provide insights and…

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Apvera In HRM Asia – Friendly Fire

Apvera in HRM Asia – Friendly Fire

“Given the increasingly complex security landscape and growing sophistication of cyber-criminals, traditional perimeter defences are no longer enough to protect a network. Companies now need to look inward as well, and strengthen their defences against insider threats. Eric Meyer, CEO…

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2016 Cyber Security Year In Review

2016 Cyber Security Year in Review

With each year that passes, the cyber security landscape becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated. Technology is developing at an astonishing rate, and while in most instances this is considered a positive progression, when it comes to cybercrime and online security,…

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Apvera In Thomson Reuters’ Article

Apvera in Thomson Reuters’ Article

"Compliance alone won't help in the age of cyber breaches, HK fin tech event told" is an article written by Ajay Shamdasani, a senior staff writer with Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence in Hong Kong. As the relationship between financial services…

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