Can Antivirus Protect Corporate Systems from Malware?

Remember Antivirus? Back in the old days it would pop up on your computer saying something along the lines of “Caution! A virus has been detected!”.

It seems like a long time passed since that was enough to protect you from potential harm. Antivirus agents are still an important tool for blocking known threats, however todays security issues have grown beyond basic viruses, trojans & malware. Current Malware, Phishing & more sophisticated threats are a much bigger concern which can lead to greater compromise.

The speed with which these new and more complex threats are being developed, is rendering them almost impossible for traditional antivirus systems to fight. To be effective, it’s important that the antivirus software detects the Malware before the hacker has access to data. And since most antivirus solutions cannot protect against this, companies remain vulnerable to attack.

Enterprises need to be more careful, and implement more advanced protective measures.

Companies today must increase their awareness and security, through the application of antivirus protection paired with Advanced Threat Protection technologies like intrusion detection/protection, behavioral analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data loss protection, etc. Leveraging these state-of-the-art solutions will empower those companies to protect, anticipate and watch over their valuable business assets, thereby defending themselves against the newest most potent threats.

With the relentless growth of the Internet, come continued and more sophisticated attack techniques. In the early 200’s, malware exploded with the ILOVEYOU worm that infected millions of computers.

To try and block today malicious threats and activities, we need to fight back using more advanced techniques such as: behavioral analytics, pattern matching, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Application of these tools help uncover anomalies even if sophisticated impersonators masquerading in a normal traffic.

By leveraging an optimized, integrated system; these threats can be detected in the network data flow, and the behavioral activities of users, employees, applications, data, etc.

But what about Antivirus software?

Whilst Antivirus agents are not dead, they are no longer effective on their own. Today, criminals use tricks to make old pattern based malware signatures look like new signatures by simply changing one bit. This renders the signature virtually invisible to Antivirus agent, until the new signature is catalogued and distributed out to the user community. In fact, hackers are creating hundreds of new malwares samples every day.

Consequently, the industry needs to deliver more proactive detection techniques. New technology that can find the actors responsible for the attacks.

Behavioral Analytics: Artificial Intelligence combined with machine learning and data mining techniques are the key to detecting these anomalies, and then protecting you from these new cyber threats.


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