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Your company’s greatest asset is also its greatest threat. >People


Detect abnormal application usage behavior and proactively assess the risk. Monitoring exfiltration and unauthorized distribution of sensitive information through various distribution channels.

IT Staff

Understand privilege access to sensitive corporate systems and data. Oversee and prevent data leakage and abuse of stored compliant personally identifiable information (PII)  and protected health information (PHI).


Govern and manage third party accessibility to corporate resources while mitigating risk of intellectual property theft and data privacy. Ensure compliance with industry; SOX, PCI, HIPPA standards.

Steps to Threat Confidence

Visibility & Risk Assessment

Complete non intrusive contextual and situation awareness and visibility inside corporate network environments.

Real-time Behavioral Analytics

In-depth profile based activity analytics identifying sudden anomalies in behavior indicating high risk threats.

Access Policy & Data Protection

Granular control over sensitive data, management of access policies and threat vulnerabilities prevention.

Context Aware Insider Threats Management

Apply behavior based threat analysis from a variety of sources to identify potential high risk insider threats





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